[PREMIERE] Raveloe – Sunday Service

Lifting her stage-name from a reclusive weaver in the George Eliot novel Silas Marner, Raveloe is the new project from Glasgow-based songwriter Kim Grant, formerly of the band Tongue Trap. After going solo at the end of 2019, Raveloe appeared on these pages back in July when she shared the sublime single, Abalone. At the time Kim hinted the track was part of a wider EP, a fact confirmed today with news of its release next month on Olive Grove records. Entitled Notes And Dreams, the EP was recorded at home during lockdown, with Kim embracing the global possibilities of enforced isolation, with remote collaborators found in locations as diverse as Derby, Melbourne and Dumfries. Ahead of that release, today Raveloe is premiering the latest offering from it, Sunday Service.

Discussing her music, Kim has suggested that Raveloe is an attempt to, “make something relatable and share honestly”, while also creating, “a space that is transportive, atmospheric and at times cathartic“. While offering plenty of her inner thoughts, Raveloe is also about community, about connecting and offering a hand to join her on a musical journey, and to feel the thrills of being alive. In the case of Sunday Service, we’re transported by layers of fuzzy 1990’s influenced guitars and the steady clatter of drums, creating a dense backing for Kim’s vocal, luxuriously coated in softening reverb. This gorgeous slice of dream-pop brings to the mind the likes of L I P S or Let’s Buy Happiness with its perfect fusion of the noisy and the beautiful.

Notes And Dreams may be a record that comes from the anxieties of isolation, yet it is shaping up to be a celebration, an anchor to reality when the world gets overwhelming, and fittingly a soundtrack for when the good times, one day soon, can once more begin to roll.

Notes And Dreams is out February 12th via Olive Grove Records. Click HERE for more information on Raveloe.

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