[PREMIERE] Buffet Lunch – Red Apple Happiness

Setting out with the noble goal of creating, “satisfyingly imperfect pop songs”, Buffet Lunch split their time between Edinburgh and Glasgow, embracing the rich vein of creativity Scotland’s two largest cities have to offer. The band have been active for a few years now, sharing stages with like-minded individuals such as Irma Vep and Robert Sotelo, and releasing two EPs through the Permanent Slump label. At the start of 2020, the band set-up camp in a Crofters-Cottage-come-recording-studio on the banks of Upper Loch Fyne in Argyll, and recorded what would become their debut album, The Power Of Rocks. That record will see the light of day in May via Upset The Rhythm, and today the band are premiering their brand new single, Red Apple Happiness.

Photo by Owen Godbert

The opening track on The Power Of Rocks, Red Apple Happiness seems to almost waft into view, as the woozy tones of woodwind drift atop a backing of complex rhythms and the prominent pulse of a delightfully understated synth line. The track really comes to life when the vocal enters, joined by propulsive, and sometimes jagged guitars. Lyrically it seems to tackle notions of social bravado, asking us all to view the shiny outer layer with a sense of perspective, after all, “real life lives inside with the pips”.

This is an intriguing introduction, the sound of a band inviting you into their weird and wonderful world; rich with characters, be they people or pieces of fruit. Discussing the album, the band have suggested their aim was to portray the joy they found in making the record, with all the frustration, creativity and curiosity that came along the way. On this evidence it’s a job well done: this is one Buffet Lunch, I can’t wait to tuck into.

The Power Of Rock is out May 7th via Upset The Rhythm and is available for pre-order HERE. Click HERE for more information on Buffet Lunch.

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