[PREMIERE] Ruby Landen – I Look Like My Mother

Born in Northern California, Ruby Landen learnt many of her musical-chops in Paris, somewhere between busking on the Metro and some, “slightly cleaner”, venues. Settling somewhere between those two locations Ruby is currently based out of the musical mecca of Brooklyn, NY. Back in 2019, Ruby released her debut EP, Meditation Sounds, a record of plaintive folk-songs with a subtle country under-current, courtesy of some lovely guitar tones. With plans under way for the release of her debut album, today Ruby is premiering a brand-new track, I Look Like My Mother.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Ruby has suggested it was, “written in a retrospective state”, finding her reflecting on, “my relationship with my dad and other men”. As she further explains, “the narrative and instrumentation wander in and out of different temporal and spatial focal points, bouncing between inner-speculation, self-doubt and criticism – the link being the feelings that recall these instances. Sort of a self-exploratory deja-vu”.

Musically, Ruby’s vision manifests as a beautiful slice of alt-country, as the cyclical acoustic guitars are joined by the distant howl of pedal-steel and fiddle. As the song progresses it swells via the mournful majesty of a French Horn, the whole thing taking on a lush instrumental quality, courtesy of her impressive cast of backing musicians. This feels like a giant leap forward for Ruby Landen, a songwriter who borrows from the folk and country tradition, without ever sounding stuck in the past. You can check out the track below, as well as the accompanying video directed by Gretta Wilson, and starring Gretta’s show-stealing mother in the main role.

I Look Like My Mother is out today via Bear Camp. Click HERE for more information on Ruby Landen.

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