[PREMIERE] Jackson Scribner – I Don’t Think About It

Raised in the rural setting of Melissa, Texas, music has been part of Jackson Scribner’s life, pretty much as long as he has been alive. It was something of a family tradition, Jackson’s earliest musical memories were made at family gatherings, playing guitar alongside his dad and his brothers. The result is a musician who despite his tender years, Jackson is still only 20 years old, already plays like a seasoned, virtuosic pro. Over the last few years, Jackson has added lyrics to his playing, the result is a debut album, out later this year as a joint-release between State Fair Records and We Know Better Records. Ahead of that, today Jackson is premiering the latest track from the record, I Don’t Think About It.

Photo by Elaine Dela Pena

I Don’t Think About It is a song about a topic touched on by so many folk-inspired songwriters, “the manic fluctuations of love”. Throughout the track, Jackson, his vocal rasping and comforting like a well-mixed Old Fashioned, sings of the vagaries of an on-again-off-again relationship, “wanna hold me, then you push me away“. What separates this track from the raft of person-done-me-wrong narratives, is the inward glancing nature of the words, while the chorus might conclude, “I don’t think about it anymore”, the fact he’s writing a song about it suggests otherwise. At its core this isn’t a song about anyone else, this is Jackson grappling with his own demons, reflecting on his mental health struggles and how it affects his ability to navigate the tricky waters of relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Musically, this is a stunningly warm introduction; Jackson has created a vivid world of folk-rock, without ever over-crowding the pallet he paints pictures, you can almost hear the dimmed lights of the dive-bar where he’s sinking, “another drink”, before, “I’ll be gone”. Recalling acts like James Townes Earl or Elvis Perkins, Jackson seems to be able to take the simplest music ingredients and craft them into something so rich and luxurious that as a listener, you just want to get lost in them for a while, swim around in the comforting melodies and forget the world outside your headphones. Jackson Scribner is a very special talent, just waiting for the world to come along and discover how great he could become.

Jackson Scribner’s debut album is out this Spring via State Fair Records / We Know Better Records. Click HERE for more information on Jackson Scribner.

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