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We Say…

Photo by Chris Almeida

One of my 21 for 2021, Lizzie Reid is a singer-songwriter emerging from Glasgow’s always fertile music scene. Signed to the Seven Four Seven Six label, home to the likes of Matt Maltese and Matilda Mann, Lizzie has recently released her debut EP, Cubicle. The singles that preceded the EP’s release have garnered air-play and acclaim from the likes of 6Music and Radio One, as well as seeing Lizzie perform for acclaimed online platform, La Blogotheque.

Lizzie’s music in many ways feels like a meeting of worlds, these are undeniably folk-songs, yet Lizzie’s take is distinctly modern and urban, tackling universal themes of love, loss and heartache, and shaping them into the busy streets and bars of Scotland’s largest city. Much of the record was written off the back of a break-up, and find Lizzie coming to terms with themes of sexuality, self-worth and mental health. Cubicle, recorded in Lizzie’s home with the help of producer, Oli Barton-Wood, was completed just days before the first UK nationwide lockdown. It gives the introverted and gentle sounds of Cubicle a certain resonance; while the world around her descended into chaos, Lizzie was finding a way to make sense of her own inward-glancing thoughts. Musically, the record is a deceptively intricate affair, while often sticking close to the singer-songwriter template, there’s plenty of room for exploration too, from the jazzy-edges of Been Thinking About You, reminiscent of Margaret Glaspy’s fantastic album Devotion, to the bar-room sway of stand-out moment, Seamless. The whole record comes to a sense of conclusion on the title track, where Lizzie seems to bump into her ex and her new partner, and finds a crack in the fog of confusion, “there’s something kind of sweet about being strangers again, maybe we could start this over? But I don’t even know you anymore”, before, to a backing of violin and crashing drums, the whole thing reaches a rich crescendo, perhaps still tinged with sadness but bristling with hope for a better future. A record full of honesty, warmth and humanity, Cubicle feels both deeply personal and ready to resonate with anyone who’s known love, lust, heartache and everything in between: which should just about mean everyone is going to fall for this most magical of records.

They Say…

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Lizzie Reid?

I am a singer/songwriter from Glasgow who has been playing on the Glasgow music scene for a good few years now. I’ve played in many bands here and now have finally started to release my own music!

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

I remember the first show I played as a solo artist. It was in a wee venue in Glasgow called The Glad Café. The nerves were overwhelming. I felt so high and happy afterwards though and I knew I wanted to do this with my life. I still get those same nerves now and I’m not sure I’ll ever lose that.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Music was always a true love of mine. I didn’t really have any interest in other art forms when I was in school but I often find myself thinking about acting. I adore film and I find acting and actors very interesting. But music will always be my true love!

FTR: What can people expect from the Lizzie Reid live show?

If I’m playing on my own, you should expect a very intimate and melancholic show. I always try and keep my live shows as engaging as possible, which is always a fun challenge when it’s just you and a guitar. If I’m playing with my band I tend to feel the atmosphere exciting, moody and it will always kick off at some point!

FTR: What’s next for Lizzie Reid?

This year is hopefully going to be filled with writing, recording, gigging and releasing more music. I’m feeling hopeful!

They Listen To…

Photo by Chris Almeida

PJ Harvey – A Perfect Day Elise

I love everything about this song. It makes me screw up my face and head-bang every time. I love how driving it is and how the production is so dark and dirty. 

Julia Jacklin – Body

This song is so heart wrenching and understated. The story telling is just beautiful and keeps me hanging on her every word every time. 

Nilufer Yanya – Baby

I’m not sure what it is about Nilufer Yanya but I feel a real warmth every time I listen to her music. Baby Luv makes me have a wee cry even though it maybe doesn’t sound like the stereotypical song you’d cry to. 

LUMP – Rolling Thunder

I remember listening to this whole album for the first time and thinking it was the best collection of songs I had ever heard. I love the dynamic build in this particular track and the production really accentuates the darkness in Laura Marling’s voice. 

Villagers – 27 Strangers

Villagers are one of my favourite live acts, having seen them about 6 times. I used to sing this song with my friends and I hold those memories close to my heart. 

Cubicle EP is out now via Seven Four Seven Six. Click HERE for more information on Lizzie Reid.

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