[PREMIERE] Sailor Down – I Get It

Based out of Northampton, Massachusetts, Sailor Down is the project of musician and illustrator, Chloe Deeley. Raised by the coast, the Sailor Down moniker came to Chloe when thinking of a familial tradition of working as boat captains, so the nautical became a natural place for her. Having spent recent years playing in other people’s bands and, “tinkering with alternate guitar-tunings” in her bedroom, next month will see the release of the debut Sailor Down EP, Skip The Line. Ahead of that release today Chloe is premiering her new single, I Get It.

Eschewing the modern tendency for bedroom-pop production, Chloe decided Skip The Line was a record that demanded even greater isolation. Retreating to her friend’s remote cabin in Southern Maine, Chloe attempted to capture the immediacy of a debut release, while also having room for musical exploration, incorporating vintage Casio keyboards, synthesizers, and drum programming alongside her omnipresent acoustic-guitar and trademark double-tracked vocals, inspired by Elliott Smith.

The record is introduced by I Get It; slowly unfurling around the steady rhythm of the acoustic guitar, it nods to the likes of Julien Baker or Soccer Mommy. As the song progresses the twin vocal lines are joined by the additional sonic flourishes of a wavering electric-guitar and distant synth-tones, the whole thing becoming a gentle, downbeat cacophony. Lyrically, the track seems to be an inward glancing affair, reflecting on the person we present to the world, and how that isn’t always how we’d like to be perceived, “at 6am, like not again, I see myself and I hate it, I get it”. There’s an inherent sadness to the track, a feeling of someone not quite connecting with the world around them in the way they’d like to, feeling engulfed in the city landscape, striving for humanity and finding nothing in return. Sailor Down sits in a lineage of songwriters who are emerging as mouth pieces for the modern world, a generation of musicians asking difficult questions of themselves and society and setting a beautiful soundtrack to the inherent struggle they see.

Skip The Line is out May 14th via Relief Map Records. For more information on Sailor Down visit https://twitter.com/sailordown.

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