[VIDEO PREMIERE] Capitol – Always Saying Nothing

Part of the increasingly unmissable music scene of Hamilton, Ontario, Capitol are a five-piece band who, like The National before them, consist of two sets of brothers. Although they’ve been making music together for several years now, it was back in 2019 that they first came to the attention of a wider audience when their debut album, Dream Noise, came out as a co-release between Meritorio Records and Kingfisher Bluez. Two years on the band are set to return at the end of the summer with a new four-track EP, All The Rest Of My Heads, and today the band are premiering the first track from it, Always Saying Nothing.

Photo & Header Photo by Black Lake – www.blacklake.io

Discussing Always Saying Nothing, Capitol suggest it is a track, “exploring how much we can communicate about not communicating properly”. A slightly tongue in cheek reference, especially given how quickly the words seem to pour out of vocalist Josh Kemp. At times they become a torrent of thoughts as he sings, “by saying shit, I’m saying nothing at all. Just saying saying saying saying saying”. There’s a self-deprecating streak throughout the track, as Josh chastises himself for not being able to make that all-important connection, “am I droning on? Am I thinking too much? God damn, take a breath and shut myself up”.

The introspective nature of the lyrics is set at deliberate odds with the musical confidence on show, as the band explain the words are, “meant to stand in contrast with the bright, steady beat of the 80s dance track”. Musically, the track is a thrilling blast of sound, a modern genre-blurring collision of new New Wave and indie-pop, with swirling guitars cut through by the thrilling, jarring crash of the snare drum. The irony here is a song about failing to communicate can also be one that really makes a connection, it channels a universal feeling, one that might just find a lot more people hanging off Captiol’s every word.

All The Rest Of My Heads is out September 17th via Meritorio Records. For more information on Capitol visit https://capitol-band.bandcamp.com.

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