Egg Drop Soup – In Their Own Words

“I got fired today because of my bad attitude”, so goes the snarling, scene-setting opening line to Egg Drop Soup’s brilliant new single, Or Durves. The single is the first track to arrive from the Los Angeles power-trio’s upcoming 7″ split with fellow LA rockers Broken Baby. Sharing their music with the world since 2018, Egg Drop Soup are a delightfully unapologetic collection of super womxn, a storm of punk-rock attitude and the musical chops to back it all up.

Or Durves builds around frenetic riffing and galloping drum-beats as it details the dichotomy of having to play the workplace games, while really just wanting to jack it all in and go play in a punk band. Thrillingly raw, rambunctious and ready to take on the world, Egg Drop Soup recently answered my questions on future plans, first shows and why making music is, “the purest form of living in the moment”.

Photos by Neto Velasco

FTR: For those who don’t know, who are Egg Drop Soup?

Three ladies who are ready to unleash hell at all times: Bailey Chapman, drummer and Aquarius from Texas who loves to paint and sew; Olivia Saperstein, guitarist and Virgo from Boston who owns her own clothing line and reeks of sick riffage; and Samantha Westervelt, lead vocalist and bassist, Cancer sun, Gemini rising, plant killer and secret writer of pop music. To sum it up, did you ever hear the B-52’s Song for a Future Generation?

What can you remember about your first show?

Olivia: Scaring people, in a good way.

Sam: Yeah, or scarring them for life. Haha! Yeah, the energy was just incredible. I remember people really flipped out, like they had never quite seen anything like us before. Was very surreal.

Photos by Neto Velasco

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Olivia: It’s the purest form of living in the moment. It expresses emotions without words. And it’s fun as hell.

Bailey: I make music because the experience of live music is intangible and unparalleled. You can capture a remnant of the performance with a video, recording, or photograph, but you cannot capture the energy and the sensory stimulation that occurs at a live concert. A studio recording is exciting on a different level because of the amount of control you have over the finished product, which IS a tangible object. I would argue that Egg Drop Soup isn’t just a band that produces music, we are artists in the broad sense of the term. From cover art, to music video directing, filming, and editing, to graphic design, clothing design, and painting. We are DIY AF.

Sam: Yeah, what they said 100%! I’ve definitely had my hand in many artistic fires over the years, but around early 2012 I started having dreams that I was playing music, which led me to begin writing it. It’s just the coolest best thing ever and I feel really fortunate that something inside of me was like DO THIS, because for a long time I didn’t think it was something I was capable of. Now I can’t imagine not doing it forever.

FTR: What can people expect from the Egg Drop Soup live show?

Olivia: A visceral, cathartic experience.

Bailey: An Egg Drop Soup live show is energetic and empowering.

Sam: Loud womxn breaking free from the mold, unabashedly pouring ourselves out all over the floor for y’all. And lots of hair and headbanging.

FTR: What’s next for Egg Drop Soup?

We have a 7” vinyl split coming out with another local LA band, Broken Baby, on June 25. We are also touring October 2021! We’re always cooking up the next thing, so follow us on IG @eggdropsoupla for all the latest info! We ❤ You!

Or Durves is out now, with a vinyl release June 25th via Poor Man Records. For more information on Egg Drop Soup visit

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