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We Say…

Household names in their native Indonesia, Stars and Rabbit are the duo of songwriter and vocalist, Elda Suryani and guitarist/producer, Didit Saad. Back in 2020, the band released their second album Rainbow Aisle, and while they’d hoped it would be the record that took them around the globe, the world had other plans. Not wanting to waste time regretting what wasn’t, the pair got quickly to work on new music, and the result is their upcoming third record, On Different Days. The album is the first time the band have released internationally with the UK release due out this Friday via Trapped Animal Records.

On Different Days status as a pandemic record is cemented early on with the opening track, Merry Alone’s statement, “we’re in the middle of a disease”. However, before you start trying to pigeonhole this as an album littered with isolation and global angst, elsewhere it taps into a host of other subjects; whether that manifests as learning to let go on Time Traveller, or the anthem of self-discovery, Who Am I Now? One thing that the record does do, that many of us will be looking for right now is offer a delightfully soothing listen, as Elda’s gorgeous vocal melodies, meld with Didit’s soundscapes. The resultant record is one that never seems to stay in one genre for long, going from spectral indie-folk through to loungey spoken word and even a touch of the French yé-yé movement of the early 1960s. Ultimately, On Different Days serves as a celebration of connection, whether that’s with yourself or the world around you, they might be ten years into their musical career, but on this evidence, for Stars and Rabbits, things are only just getting started.

They Say…

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FTR: For those who don’t know who is Stars and Rabbit? 

Didit: Indonesian duo with a unique storytelling that can be astounding in the simplicity of their music

Elda: A space of unlimited source of expressions

FTR: What can you remember about your first show? 

Elda: Nerve wrecking, tingling from head to toe i had to shake it off, couldn’t believe i’m actually doing it

Didit: It was fantastic, freezing days with breathtaking scenery on Iceland Airwaves Festival

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form? 

Elda: blame the music. It always come to me. someway, somehow, it feels like an urgent calling i have to take. a powerful call.But i do craft on daily basis, making tiny bits for fun. 

Didit: Drawing was my specialty until senior high school, but then the music is  dominate my creativity 

FTR: What can people expect from the Stars and Rabbit live show? 

Elda: it will be different from the album. And we always try a different and thoughtful approach for every shows. i just hope that at the end of the show, people get to feel better in an unusual, whimsy and delighted way.

Didit: We’d love to make a small special arrangement in some songs for special venues

FTR: What’s next for Stars and Rabbit? 

Elda: Get back on the road again and uplift everything we touch.

Didit: Still hoping could put your place in the list of our tour while we keeping make some new music.

They Listen To…

The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

Orion Sun – Antidote

Laundry Day – Evening News

Men I Trust – Lauren

Joni Mitchell – River

On Different Days is out June 25th via Trapped Animal. For more information on Stars & Rabbit visit

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