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We Say…

Hailing from Los Angeles, Gracie Gray first emerged back in 2019 with her self-released debut, Oregon In A Day. Two years on Gracie recently returned with the well-received single alienlover, which received acclaim from the likes of GoldFlakePaint and The Line Of Best Fit, among others. The track was the first to be released from Gracie’s upcoming album, anna, which is out in February on her new label home, Hand In Hive. Ahead of that release today Gracie is premiering her new single, dig.

Discussing the track, Gracie has suggested dig is a song, “about loving someone because you believe in them, and tuning-out people that talk shit“. She recalls that it came from a time of feeling let down and needing to speak up for herself, “This song is it for me. It is the feeling that even one moment of holiness with someone else can cover a multitude of unanswered questions”. Musically, dig is a record of muted majesty, as what sounds like a Marimba emerges from the omnipresent buzz of synth, alongside layers of spectral vocals and rich tumbles of bassy-guitar. There’s a certain poignancy to Gracie’s words, as she stitches memories into place with the reality of the present, and ultimately reaches only the inconclusive, with the repeated closing line, “we’re spinning just a little bit”. A sparkling further example of just how exciting anna is shaping up to be, we’re two months away from 2022, yet Gracie Gray is already shaping up to be one of the year’s break-out stars.

They Say…

FTR: For those who don’t know who is Gracie Gray?

I’m not sure! But the band came from a lot of my friends encouraging me to share my songs and offering to play them with me. I feel like this project still comes from a place of their support. And it still exists in that realm, but now I feel like I have enough confidence to play on my own when I need to. The best part about the GG band is just the friends I’ve been able to include and perform with over the years.

If you’re asking about me personally, this is just a way to express my inner world without judgement. Even if I stop sharing my songs on the internet, I’ll probably never stop writing.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

It was at Barclays, a coffee shop next to CSU Northridge on January 15th, 2016. A pretty chilly and quiet night in the valley. I played alongside my friend Hayley Brownell, she played a solo set. Later on she ended up playing drums in my project for a few years, which was really fun and influential on me musically. She plays with Olivia Rodrigo now. I just remember it being filled with our close friends and family. It was a pretty special night.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Music has to do with my environment growing up. My family loves music and they just hyped me up like I should be performing, and I responded to that. I was also one of four kids and loved the attention when I nailed a hard piece on piano or guitar. They all play guitar and write songs, and I am pretty competitive, so I had to figure it out. And, I guess I do make other forms of art now. I just don’t share it with anyone. I write poetry, journal everything, and draw every day.

FTR: What can people expect from the Gracie Gray live show?

Each show has so many variables that can affect everything. But I know I want to disappear and just let them experience the world that the song is. Each one feels like a different place. I like to just click in and let them decide if they want to be in it. Usually they do, and it feels like a point of connection.

FTR: What’s next for Gracie Gray?

We have some shows coming up which I’m excited about. The next one is on November 14th in LA, and then we’ll have an album release show in February. In the meantime I’m just writing new songs and trying to figure out how I want them to sound.

They Listen To…

Fog Lake – Push

Mereba – Black Truck

Lala Lala & Baths – € € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!

Indigo De Souza – How I Get Myself Killed

Mini Trees – Moments In Between

Anna is out February 4th via Hand In Hive. For more information on Gracie Gray visit http://www.graciegray.com/.

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