GARGALO is the musical project of Spanish-Canadian artist Bruno G. Roth. After playing in several bands, and exposing himself to the life of a touring musician, Bruno made the decision to relocate to London to try and pursue his music career. After deciding to take a six-month hiatus to travel around South America, Bruno found his explorations curtailed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and found himself back in Spain, and setting up a recording studio in the back of his brother’s van. There he wrote a series of demos, which upon his return to the studio in London, became his debut solo EP, King Of Dark Waters, out at the end of November via Frances House Records. Today Bruno is sharing the video that accompanies the latest track from the EP, Out Of Sync.

Musically, Out Of Sync seems to walk the like between the emotive heft of Mercury Rev and the shimmering, melodic indie of MGMT. The vastness of the rhythm section, adorned with Bruno’s half-spoken vocals, prominent, chiming guitars, distant flourishes of backing vocals and the surprisingly warm pulse of the synths. The result is a song that one second seems to be roaring along a coastal road in the California sunshine, and the next dipping its reluctant toe in the North Sea in the middle of January.

Discussing the accompanying video, shot between Dungeness and London, Bruno has suggested it was his attempt to, “portray a journey through memory and change. Dungeness became the perfect backdrop to accompany the concept due to its vast and desolate landscape“. Check out the video below.

King Of Dark Waters is out November 26th via Frances House Records. For more information on GARGALO visit facebook.com/gargalomusic/

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