[VIDEO PREMIERE] Paolo Ruiu – Others

A second-generation Sardinian-Brit raised in the London suburbs, Paolo Ruiu first came to the world’s attention as one half of the critically lauded duo, Young Romance. With the band’s touring plans curtailed, Paolo took the time to explore his musical desires as a solo artist, sharing several singles throughout 2021. Earlier this month, Paolo drew those tracks together as his debut EP, Low, and today he’s premiering the video that accompanies the EP’s closing track, Others.

Like all of Low, Others was home-recorded, with Paolo working on a desk formerly used by Pink Floyd and an old Tascam 424 cassette recorder, the analogue approach lending the track a certain vintage warmth. The closing track on Low, Others is also something of a departure, with the lead guitar taking a back seat to bright keys and the steady propulsive tick of the drums. With a subtle nod to Van Occupanther-era Midlake, the track seems to span eras, with elements of 1970’s folk re-imagined into beds of warm synths and a heartbeat-like drum that runs throughout, and wouldn’t sound of place sampled on a rave track.

If the musical influences seem to span a lifetime, then the lyrical content too hints at a sense of glancing backwards, blurred memories of a person who previously lit up the room without ever understanding the damage they caused. Paolo casts himself as just one of, “the others”, a series of drones, “falling down”, in a human-shaped storm.

The DIY approach continues into the video that accompanies Others, with Paolo disappearing into the shadows as an ever-changing light source adds a sense of hazy mystery. Check out the video below, then head out and listen to Low, a DIY-gem, and a truly wonderful EP that deserves to make a real impact.

Low EP is out now, for more information on Paolo Ruiu visit https://paoloruiumusic.com/.

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