[PREMIERE] No Frills – Copy Cat

Hailing from Toronto, No Frills are a four-piece band formed around the self-deprecating songwriting of Daniel Busheikin, formed in Daniel’s own words because, “therapists are very expensive. But writing songs is free”. Alongside a crack cast of Toronto indie-scene regulars, No Frills transformed from bedroom-pop into something altogether more expansive, which has already seen the band support the likes of Chris Cohen and Kiwi Jr. The band’s debut album Downward Dog, is set for an April release, and today No Frills are premiering the latest track to be lifted from the record, Copy Cat.

Photo & Header Photo by Andrew McGill

Copy Cat is something of a departure for No Frills, with regular synth-player Maddy Wilde taking centre stage and writing the lyrics. As Maddy explains, the song is, on the surface about, “someone fixated on a specific way of being they think is embodied in someone they idolize”. Digging deeper into that idea saw Maddy realise it was actually about co-dependency, “getting someone close to you to sort of shape and define who you are. Trusting every one of their opinions to the extent that you lose sight of what you actually want”. That sense of diminishment is present in the lyrics, where the initial admiration, “same talents, same pallets, we go together so easily”, gives way to reality, “everything I do, I’ll do exactly like you do, I’ll be cut in two”.

Musically, Copy Cat is a fascinating affair, the wiry post-punk of the lead guitar contrasted by smooth tropicalia of the wavering synth and Maddy’s breezy sing-speak vocals, reminiscent of Quilt or Stereolab. No Frills necessary, Downward Dog is a collection where the songwriting shines all on its own, Canada’s newest supergroup might just be the best one yet.

Downward Dog is out April 1st. For more information on No Frills visit https://nofrills.webflow.io/.

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