[VIDEO PREMIERE] Even As We Speak – Begins Goodbye

It seems slightly odd to think about it now, but back in the 1990s people got oddly annoyed about something as minor as a record label. One label that really did seem to cause a stir was Sarah Records, it was loved and loathed in equal measure, yet its legacy as the birthplace of Indie-Pop has lasted much longer than even the label itself did. While the label is now long gone, and most of the releases out of print, the bands live on. This is showcased on Under The Bridge, a new compilation released last week on Skep Wax Records, which brings together fourteen Sarah’s Alumni, including the likes of Boyracer, The Luxembourg Signal and Jetstream Pony. Today I’m premiering the video which accompanies Begins Goodbye, the offering from Sydney-legends, Even As We Speak.

A previously unreleased track, Begin Goodbye opens with a twitching synth-line, before settling into more traditionally jangling-territory, as slapped snare drums and walls of fuzzy guitars provide a perfect back-drop to the sugar-sweet vocal harmonies. Lyrically the track is a song about moving on, touching on the idea that every beginning is an ending for something else, “nobody knows what tomorrow may bring, but every new beginning begins goodbye, I will sleep well tonight”.

The accompanying video is a potential tear-jerker, featuring footage of the band’s 2018 pilgrimage to perform at the recently demised Indietracks Festival. A reminder of joyful, communal days, and the fact that despite being staged in the middle of summer, it always seemed to rain. Here’s to indie-pop from Sarah Records, through to Indietracks and into the future, it might never take over the world, but for the people that it touches along the way, it sure means a lot.

Under The Bridge is out now via Skep Wax Records. For more information on Even As We Speak visit http://www.evenaswespeak.com/.

Skep Wax have organised two all-dayers featuring many of the bands appearing on Under The Bridge, at Bristol’s Thunderbolt on April 23rd and London’s Amersham Arms the next day.

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