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Eerie Wanda is the ever-evolving project of Dutch/Croatian musician Marina Tadic. Marina’s music came to the attention of many back in 2019 with the release of her acclaimed second album, Pet Town, a record she described as, “an exercise in isolated creativity“, long before everyone else was forced to follow a similar approach. Three years on, Marina seems to have gone even further into herself with her new record, Internal Radio, released back in September via Joyful Noise. The album was recorded entirely at home, relying more than ever on intuition and a desire to allow the songs to take her wherever they wanted her to go.

The result is a record that feels at once more experimental and more personal than ever before, foregoing the more traditional song structures of Pet Town for an otherworldly atmospheric sound. Internal Radio is an album that allows you to bathe in its dark emotions, Marina seeking to confront the feelings she has previously pushed aside. While each song has its own distinct feel, there’s a cohesive quality to the record as well, from the steady pace of the percussive pianos to the reverby wash across the vocals. The whole record flows beautifully, like a journey through Marina’s innermost thoughts, it feels like we’re learning alongside her, the creation an integral part of an artist making sense of themselves.

Ultimately this record is one that finds Marina Tadic getting to the heart of what Eerie Wanda is, and who she is as a person, by stripping things back to reveal an inner confidence. She has spoken of being, “in touch with my own visions”, and in achieving that she’s made them shine all the brighter as a result.

Following the release, I recently spoke to Marina about exploring her own vision, her interest in paranormal phenomena and how working on Internal Radio, “let some hidden emotions out”.

Photo by Anna Tadic

FTR: For those who don’t know, who are Eerie Wanda?

Eerie Wanda is me, Marina Tadic, and whoever I work with in the moment.

FTR: You recently released your new album, Internal Radio, what can you tell me about recording it?

It was recorded at home in February 2022. I had already recorded parts of it in the months prior to february, thinking they would just be demos, but most of those recordings ended up on the record (with things added and tweaked) Kramer flew in from Florida to produce the record with me and Adam Harding played guitar on some songs as well.

FTR: What did you do differently with this record compared to previous recordings?

On the previous 2 records I worked with bandmates who all wrote their own parts and who all had a say in sound and recording. This time I decided to explore my own vision more and experiment with sounds and structures. And of course I decided to work with Kramer who really lifted everything to a new level.

FTR: Your press release makes reference to you feeling less concerned with other people’s thoughts on this record. Was it freeing to write without worrying about anyone else’s thoughts on it?

Yes it was definitely freeing even though working with a band can be super fun, I felt it was time for me to go within and trust my own creative forces.

Photo by Adam Harding

FTR: The album’s coming out on Joyful Noise Recordings, how did that come about? Are record labels still important to you?

Yes JNR also released my previous album Pet Town. For a smaller artist such as myself having a label is definitely very helpful.

FTR: The record feels a bit darker and more emotional than your previous material. Do you think that’s reflective of your mindset when you were writing it?

Yes I went deeper inward and let some hidden emotions out this time for sure.

FTR: I read you that you are interested paranormal phenomena. Has it always been something you’re interested in? Do you think that influences your music in any way?

Yes I have been into strange phenomena since I was a kid. I’ve always been very curious about life’s mysteries. I even have trouble focusing on every day things sometimes cause my head is always out in space somewhere. This definitely influences my music, especially this new album.

FTR: Who are the inspirations on Eerie Wanda’s sound? What were you listening to when you wrote Internal Radio?

To name a few: Cocteau Twins, Daniel Johnston, The Cure, Slint, Young Marble Giants, The Cleaners from Venus, The Beatles

Photo by Anna Tadic

FTR: What about inspirations outside of music? Do you have any other creative outlets?

My other creative outlet is drawing but I haven’t actually done that for a while because of a lack of time. I think it’s just mostly dreaming, meditating, walking in nature, observing.

FTR: Will you be touring to support this record? What can people expect from the Eerie Wanda live show?

I will be playing an intimate, stripped down version of the album with my close friend and amazing artist Peter Johan Nijland. We will be touring through Europe in March for a bit, and we’ll do a few one-off NL shows such as Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht in November.

FTR: What’s next for Eerie Wanda?

Rehearsing, playing and then write more songs and do it all over again ☺

Internal Radio is out now via Joyful Noise Recordings. For more information on Eerie Wanda visit

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