[VIDEO PREMIERE] Chew Magna – Spat Out

Based out of Manchester, Chew Magna are something of a one-city supergroup featuring members of Songs For Walter, Young British Artists and Francis Lung. Fresh off a string of tour dates, including a noteworthy show in the village which they’re named after, Chew Magna are currently building momentum ahead of releasing their self-titled debut album, the follow-up to their 2018 EP, White Hotel. Ahead of the record’s release early next year, today the band are premiering the latest taste of the album, in the shape of their new single, Spat Out.

Spat Out touches on that quintessential modern struggle, battling against time as it ticks quicker than you can keep up with. The track is part of a wider theme in Chew Magna’s music, the idea of wasted potential and opportunities not taken, as vocalist Laurie Hulme explains, “it’s fueled by the frustration of being up against time, of the fleetingness of life whilst having this nagging feeling of missed opportunities”.

The band have spoken of their music as existing in the space on the, “venn diagram where Broken Social Scene and latter day Sonic Youth meet”, and listening to Spat Out you can see why. The track opens with an intense clatter of drums, before guitars snarl out subtle melodies and Laurie’s vocals tumble forth at times breezily indifferent at others an urgent yelp, “been trending water so long I can’t even look you in the eye”.

The track lands with a Hanna-Barbera meets Salvador Dali graphic novel style video featuring the whip-smart animated illustrations of fellow musician and long-time pal Andrew Rowley (Black Hulled Ships). Blasting off in their rocket Chew Magna become tangled in gravity’s embrace before being sucked in and spat out to a peach-coloured desert land which looks uncannily like the colourful vista of the single artwork by talented landscape artist Josh Sowa. Check it out below.

Chew Magna’s self-titled debut album will be out early next year. For more information on the band visit https://chewmagnaband.bandcamp.com/.

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