Five Things We Liked This Week -04/12/2015

5. La Sera, Sera, Whatever We’ll Be, We’ll Be

Los Angeles based musician La Sera, aka former Vivian Girls bassist Katy Goodman, has this week shared details of her new record, Music For Listening To Listeng To Music To. The Ryan Adams produced LP won’t arrive until the Spring, but to whet appetites, Katy has this week shared the first taste of the album, High Notes.

High Notes blends the alt-country you’d associate with Ryan Adams, only played at the pace of The Smiths. Add into the mix Katy’s superb vocal delivery, equal parts Flowers’ Rachel Kennedy and Jenny Lewis, and you end up with something not unlike Veronica Falls were they from West-Coast America not London, and the track is every bit as good as that sounds.

Music For Listening To Music To is out March 4th via Polyvinyl. 

4. Just A Little Bit Of Historian Repeating

Historian, the musical project of LA-native Chris Karman, has this week shared the video for Pulled Under, the latest track to be lifted from his second album, Current. Historian started as a solo studio-recording project, but have since been converted to a full touring band.

Pulled Under pairs the easy-paced, jangling melancholy of Eels with a vocal pitched somewhere between Here We Go Magic and Gruff Rhys, minus the accent. Chris has described Historian as, “headphone music” and certainly this is music to get lost in, just make sure you remember to come back at some point.

Current is out now via The Record Machine. 

3. Get Up, Get Out, Get La Loose

Waxahatchee, the recording project of Birmingham, Alabamma’s Katie Crutchfield, released the excellent third record, Ivy Tripp, earlier this year. The record is one of our favourites of the year, and this week she has shared the video for the latest single from it, La Loose.

The track is something of a departure from her previous output, based around an upbeat Casio drum machine’s beat, and the warm buzz of some (unusually for Katie) poppy-synth drones. More classically Waxahatchee are the lyrics, a gently melancholic dissection of a relationships seemingly inevitable decline, “I know that I feel more than you do, I selfishly want you here to stick to” Katie sings, with the incite of someone who knows this chapter of her life is drawing to a close. The accompanying video, directed by Galaxie 500’s Naomi Yang, taps into the same hazy melting pot of desire, rejection, hope and pain, the made the song one of the stand outs on this excellent album.

Ivy Tripp is out now via Wichita Recordings. 

2. Waves On The Slick Back River

Always keen to ensure their crown as the hardest recording band in music doesn’t slip, The Wave Pictures have this week confirmed details of their next release. A Season In Hull will be a vinyl only album release, via the bands own Wymeswold Records, and will see the light of day early next year. The record is a collaborative affair, recorded in a single day with just one microphone, acoustic guitars and a bunch of friends, who had gathered to celebrate lead-singer David Tattersall’s birthday, a, “one-microphone happy birthday recording” as David put it.

The band have also shared the video for new single, Slick Black River From The Rain. The track is a slow-burning acoustic number with nods to David’s blues inspired solo-albums, minimal percussion comes in the form of what sounds like a cajon, but could just as easily be a particularly resonant table! Discussing the track, David has elaborated largely on his love of playing E-minor on the guitar, a “magic-chord” as he puts it, and from the beautiful sounds the band make using it, who are we to argue?

A Season In Hull is out February 12th via Wymeswold Records. The Wave Pictures play Christmas shows at The Lexington before a full tour of the UK in February, click HERE for details of all upcoming shows.

1. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

Mothers are a quartet based out of Athens, Georgia. This week as well as sharing a brand new single, and confirming details of their upcoming debut album, they’ve also confirmed their first ever UK dates for next year. Basically it’s been quite the week for these four talented souls.

The single, Too Small For Eyes, is quite possibly the most jaw dropping single, we’ve heard all year. The undeniable star of the show is the vocal performance of front-woman, Kristine Leschper, a voice reminiscent of Angel Olsen and every bit as heartbreaking and beautiful. Musically, it builds from just Kristine’s vocal and the lone plucking of a metallic stringed instrument, via rich, echoing piano chords and perfectly arranged strings. It’s a track that never sounds rushed, allowing itself time to ebb and flow, and gently drawing the listener into the bands world, and what a beautiful, and unforgettable world it is.

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired is out February 26th via Wichita Recordings. Mothers play two dates in London in February, click HERE for full tour dates.

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