[Premiere] Deerful – City Bells

To paraphrase Tony Wilson’s infamous introduction to Joy Division’s first tv appearance, we do like to keep you informed of the most interesting new sounds on the internet, this is the most interesting sound we’ve come across in the past few weeks. They’re called Deerful and this number is City Bells.


Deerful is the new solo project of Emma Winston, and City Bells is her very first release. You may well be aware of some of Emma’s work though, as she’s one of the most frequent collaborators in the current London indie-pop scene, having played with the likes of Darren Hayman, Owl & Mouse and Enderby’s Room.

Whilst much of her collaborative work has seen her appear in a more traditional setting, her solo work see’s her step away from that and into the world of minimalist electronics. City Bells is a slice of electronic-pop, crafted on miniature synthesisers. Emma describes the track as, “a festive single, but not an absolute Christmas one”. It’s based around her time at Cambridge University, where the short terms rob students of Christmas with their friends, but as the time to head home rolls around they, “toast the winter present and to come.” Away from the story-led lyricism, it’s a song that deals with growing up, and growing apart, of leaving your University life behind without even meaning to; there’s something of Emmy The Great in both Emma’s delivery and lyricism, whilst the music nods towards the likes of Haiku Salut or Adem.

Deerful has also produced an accompanying video, which you can see below, it was filmed in Cambridge on hand-held cameras and is a fitting tribute to the people and places that inspired the writing of the song in the first place. With an upcoming 7″ release for wiaiwya and a cassette EP for Gare Du Nord both coming out in the new year, it’s going to be a huge year for Deerful, and we’re delighted to be sharing the first steps with you here.

City Bells will be available to download from all the usual places on December 15th, and direct from Deerful’s Bandcamp – HERE. The first ever live performance by Deerful will be a mini-set as part of the Gare Du Nord showcase at Servant Jazz Quarters, click HERE for details.

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