Five Things We Liked This Week – 11/12/2015

5. Dream In Super 8

London four-piece Chorusgirl released one of our favourite records of the year back in November, and this week they’ve shared the video to the latest single to be lifted from that album, Dream On, Baby Blue.

The video is shot by filmmaker Christina Hardinge, the first of three videos she has shot to mark the 50th anniversary of the ever-popular Super 8 medium. The video was shot in East London’s Victoria Park and is a grainy, nostalgic counter-piece to the track it accompanies, one of the stand-out moments on their self-titled debut. The song builds around the propulsive crack of a snare-drum, ringing guitar chords and Silvi’s nonchalant vocal performance, a fitting sign-off to a superb year for a band who seem to go from strength to strength.

Chorusgirl is out now via Fortuna Pop! Chorusgirl play The Lexington on January 6th.

4. Charlie Hilton Takes It To The Mac

Blouse frontwoman, turned solo star Charlie Hilton has this week teased her upcoming album, Palana, sharing the second track to be lifted from it, 100 Million. The track is a collaboration with Captured Tracks labelmate, Mac De Marco, who plays all the instruments on the track, as well as adding backing vocals. Adding to the talent soup, the track is produced by Jarvis Taveniere, multi-instrumentalist in Brooklyn-band Woods.

100 Million is the closing track on Charlie’s debut solo-album, and acts almost as light relief at the end, Charlie doing her best Nico-inspired coo, over a gentle soulful sway, it’s reminiscent to our ears of Cass McCombs’ superb work with the late-Karen Black. Discussing the upcoming album Charlie has suggested it’s an eclectic mix of sounds, to match her eclectic personality, as she puts it, “The music on this record is diverse, but so is the inside of a person. I feel like I’m many people.” If all the sides to her personality are as interesting as this one, we can’t wait to meet all of them.

Palana is out January 22nd via Captured Tracks. 

3. Fall in Teleman

Teleman burst onto the musical landscape with 2014’s Breakfast, produced by Bernard Butler, it garnered radio play, critical acclaim and took the band on tour with the likes of Blur, Suede and Metronomy. This week they’ve shared the first single, Fall In Time, from the Dan Carey produced follow up, which will arrive next year via Moshi Moshi.

Fall In Time is a track that’s both ominous and hopeful, “I could be the darkness you’re trying to find” utters frontman Thomas Sanders during the hugely catchy chorus, almost beckoning an unidentified character to join him in his troubles. Musically it builds from a gloomy piano motif to a quietly danceable electronic-led track in the mould of Basement Jaxx or Django Django. It is at once the Teleman you knew before and a bold statement of where the band is headed next. They will celebrate the release of their upcoming record by heading out on tour in the Spring, and you can expect to hear a lot more from the band throughout next year.

Teleman will release their new album next year via Moshi Moshi. Teleman tour the UK in April, click HERE for details.

2. Sauna Youth Take It To The Bridge

London-based four piece Sauna Youth released their second album, Distractions, earlier this year via the excellent Upset The Rhythm label. A short, sharp blast of angular, art-punk, it was an arresting and exciting piece of work. This week they shared the video to upcoming single The Bridge, a visual homage to Top Of The Pop’s dance troop Pan’s People.

Directed by Maria Cecilia Tedemalm, the video contrasts the bands gritty punk aesthetic with the polished poppy ideas of a choreographed dance routine. The Bridge is the sound of Sauna Youth at their savage best, buzzsaw guitars, two contrasting voices that somehow yelp as one and drums that somehow maintain a rhythm, whilst still sounding like a loose blast of anger, like a very disciplined version of Animal from the Muppets. The track will be released as a 7″ in January to coincide with the band heading out on a European tour, kicking off what promises to be another busy and successful year for the band.

Distractions is out now via Upset The Rhythm. Sauna Youth head out on tour next year, click HERE for details.

1.A Merivalous Deal

Merival is a pseudonym for the work of Toronto based musician Anna Horvath. Anna has been sharing music under the Merival name for the best part of five years now, but her next statement of intent will come in the shape of the LOVERS EP, which will see the light of day early next year, and already seems like it’s going to be a step up from her previous output.

To whet appetites ahead of that release, Anna has this week shared new single, A Better Deal. It’s a track that seems to slip effortlessly into the ether of a cold December morning, comforting but with just the hint of a lurking dark side. The guitar playing is beautiful, equal parts Bert Jansch and early Iron & Wine, whilst Anna’s vocal carries the emotional clout of Daughter’s Elena Tonra, with the warm folky qualities of Feist or Cat Power. Accessible and ambitious, we don’t think Merival’s music is going to stay underground for long.

LOVERS EP is out January 29th. 

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