[PREMIERE] Fruit Juice – Candies

Hailing from the musical mecca of Olympia, Washington, Fruit Juice are the retro-glam heroes you possibly never realised you were looking for. The quintet who formed back in 2013 are set to release their debut album, Eat You Up, next month, and today we’re premiering the latest single from it, Candies.

Photo by Melissa Wax – https://www.facebook.com/melissawaxphotography/

The music of Fruit Juice might glance back to the world of psych-pop and glam rock, but it’s all delivered with a pristine modern-pop production allowing their lyrical and musical messages to shine. Entering with a blast of clattering percussion, Candies soon settles into a propulsive almost-disco groove, pulsating bass, chugging guitars and bright, shimmering keys providing the backing for singer, Jake McAffray’s unforgettable falsetto; imagine Of Montreal’s swagger meeting Wild Beast’s smuttiness and you won’t be far off.

Lyrically, Candies is considerably darker than its breezy musical theatrics. As Jake sings in the first verse, “we had a good time despite the sex crime, hey where’d ya get this candy”, it’s clear this is very much a party got wrong. The track only gets grimier from there, as Jake casts himself as an entitled sexual predator, “you know I will never die
so I do what I want. You never know if you never try so I’m gonna touch your cunt”. It’s a powerful message made all the more repulsive by the musical good times that accompany it. Proof, were it needed, that you can be political, angry and still produce unforgettable pop music: Fruit Juice might just be the start of a revolution.

Eat You Up is out July 28th via Swoon Records. Click HERE for more information on Fruit Juice.

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