[PREMIERE] Harry Heart – I Got Old

Harry Heart might be based out of Sydney now, but his sound seems to owe as much to his Walthamstow upbringing as it does his teenage years in rural Queensland. Perhaps it’s that juxtaposition that’s at the root of Harry’s music; the bright Australian energy combined with the quietly, beautiful melancholy of the British sky. With ten years of songwriting behind him, Harry is about to release his most intriguing offering yet in the shape of his new EP, Sun Follows, and today we’re premiering a new track from that record, I Got Old.


That Harry has described I Got Old as a foot-stomper says a lot about his character. The track is as far from a camp-fire banger as you can imagine, thankfully much closer to Iron & Wine than Mumford & Sons. The track builds around warm acoustic guitars, and entwined vocal harmonies, like early Bon Iver if he’d never seen the snow. As it progresses it swells with the addition of a Sufjan Stevens-like banjo line and some incredibly subtle and perfectly judged percussion. The whole thing builds to an impressively understated crescendo, as Harry repeats the line, “you will never know what you mean to me”.

Most new artists emerge, rough around the edges and still finding their feet in the musical landscape, but once in a while someone seems to stumble into the world perfectly formed and ready for their inevitable acclaim – that once in a while might just be Harry Heart.

Sun Follows is out July 14th. Click HERE for more information on Harry Heart. 

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