[PREMIERE] Thee Mightees – Wriggling Around

Regular readers might remember we previously featured Sheffield-quartet, Thee Mightees, back in August, and the band have recently returned with a new four-track EP, Let’s Look at Thee Mightees. Today, ahead of a number of upcoming live dates, we’re premiering the video to one of the EP’s stand out moments, Wriggling Around.

Thee Mightees as drawings

Building from a delightfully booming bass intro, Wriggling Around soon settles into a bright and steady rhythm. Thomas Roper’s dead-pan vocal delivery taking on a touch of Pete Astor as he details the minutiae of modern-living, without ever slipping into anything resembling melodrama as he sings, “life can be hard, but it is what you make of it”. 

Elsewhere on the EP from which Wriggling Around is lifted there’s enough delightfully understated shuffling pop mastery to suggest Thee Mightees can plug the gap left by the much missed Ultimate Painting. A band making music outside of the glare of fads and fashions; timeless, unfussy and really rather wonderful.

Let’s Look at Thee Mightees is out now on 7″ via Do It Thissen Records, as well as cassettes on Fuzzkill Records. Click HERE for more information on Thee Mightees.

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