[PREMIERE] Mathilda Brink – Haze (Vändes I En Våg)

As a group of linguists, those of the English-speaking persuasion are undeniably spoilt. We are used to everything being written in our mother-tongue, and quite often guilty of writing anything else off as something outside of the norm. All of which begs the question, how much great stuff are we missing out on?

One artist existing outside of the English-speaking world is Gothenburg-based songwriter, Mathilda Brink. Originally from Uddevalla on Sweden’s West Coast, Mathilda’s music has previously drawn comparison with the likes of Angel Olsen and fellow Swede’s Dungen and Alice Boman. Following a pair of well received singles, which have seen her open for a number of well-established Swedish acts, Mathilda is set garner far more attention with the upcoming release of her debut album, Maestro, from which today we’re premiering Haze (Vändes I En Veg).

Photo by Molly Browne

As you might expect from a song whose title translates as Haze (Turned In A Wave), there’s something undeniably misty about Mathilda’s latest offering; it’s hard not to picture the ragged coastline, stormy clouds and crashing waves. The track starts with prominent piano and organ, alongside ticking drums and Mathilda’s distinctive vocal tone, before a buzz-saw like electric guitar riff carries the track off to somewhere even more intriguing. Like Kevin Morby or Jenny Lewis, this is music that nods to the big hitters of musical history, and then seems to lift it somewhere modern and intriguing.

Discussing her debut album, Mathilda has suggested it incorporates influences from traditional Swedish folk songs, alongside grunge and indie rock. If you’re not already intrigued by that, listening to Haze (Vändes I En Veg) should certainly persuade you that this might just be one of the year’s most exciting releases.

Maestro is out March 29th via Fading Trails Records. Click HERE for more information on Mathilda Brink.

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