[PREMIERE] SARA LEW – Does Anybody Listen?

You may remember Danish artist LEW, from her 2016 debut, Black Feathers. LEW is back now working under the moniker of SARA LEW, a step towards the name of the songwriter behind the project, Sara Lewis Sorensen (well done if you’re following at the back!) Today we’re announcing the new SARA LEW album, Sunday Morning, out in May on Danish label, This Recording Company, as well premiering the first single from it, Does Anybody Listen?

Press photo, - credits Jonas Bang
Photo & Header Photo by Jonas Bang – https://jonasbang.com

Discussing the track, Sara has suggested it is a track about, acceptance, forgiveness and being able to act even when it seems impossible”. As Sara sings at the song’s opening, “it’s our right to say no. Come, brave when we’ve got no privilege to decide if it’s wrong anyway”.  It’s a track that bristles with intensity and unspoken emotional struggles, “I wrote this song with my own experiences in mind but it reaches out to anyone who has undergone the same experiences. Being trapped in a reality made by others or by their fate – dealing with and forgiving this reality and your right to break free from it and having the willpower to do that.”

With a sound akin to Portishead or Poliça, it is something of a departure from the driving indie-sound of Black Feathers. Here primal, metallic drum hits are fused with muted electronic pulses, as Sara’s vocal does all the melodic lifting. An intriguing and different sound, and the start of what feels like a brand new chapter in the music of SARA LEW.

Sunday Morning is out May 24th via This Recording Company. Click HERE for more information on SARA LEWS.

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