[PREMIERE] Jeremy Tuplin – Gaia

Somerset-raised, London-based songwriter, Jeremy Tuplin has long been a favourite on this site. Back in April, he released his ambitious new album, Pink Mirror, a collection of personal musings and reflections of the wider state of the world. Continuing what has been a fine year, Jeremy is heading out on the road for a UK tour this month, and today we’re sharing the video to the latest single from Pink Mirror, Gaia.

gaia press pic

Discussing the titular Gaia, Jeremy explains it’s a reference to, “the deity, the goddess, and the personification of Earth. Some say it’s also the name of the planet that Earth was borne out of after colliding with Theia to create our planet as it is now as well as the Moon”. In this instance, Jeremy depicts Gaia as an, “extremely generous, temperate old lady whose house we all live in, but who’s beginning to ‘lose her shit’ about how much she’s been taken for granted”.

Jeremy’s Gaia is somewhere between a landlady and a mother to us all, who has to this point been quietly sitting back and watching us make a mess of our planetary home, and is growing increasingly sick of our arrogance and indifference to the damage we cause, “you’ve always been so temperate, but one day you’re going to lose your shit and tear apart our resident’s permit”. In Jeremy’s conversation with Gaia, he pulls no punches on, “the plague” that humanity has brought on the earth, although as Gaia ultimately concludes, “I am a goddess and you are a fool, you act like you own me, but I’ll still be here, long after time is through with you”. For all humanity might think it has control over the destiny of the planet, ultimately it will likely outlive us all.

Musically, it’s an example of Jeremy’s musical growth, while his folky origins remain in his almost spoken-word vocal style, this is a much fuller and well-rounded sound, led by a bright electric-guitar line and adorned with soaring backing-vocals, rolling bass and lush string flourishes. The track is accompanied by a video that as Jeremy explains, aims to, be a celebration of the wonder of this heavenly place we inhabit but like most things, it ended up being something weird and nonsensical”. Check out the excellent video below, and look out for Jeremy in a city near you in the month ahead.

Gaia is out September 13th via Trapped Animal Records. Click HERE for more information on Jeremy Tuplin.

For every purchase Gaia/Sweet Ines on Bandcamp, proceeds will go to onetreeplanted.org (£1 = 1 tree).


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