[PREMIERE] Wojtek The Bear – Slow TV

Fresh off the boat from playing at Belle and Sebastian’s The Boaty Weekender, Glasgow quintet, Wojtek The Bear are back with a brand new single, Slow TV, which we’re premiering here today. Slow TV is the third part of the band’s quadrilogy of singles, which will be collected together onto a single 10″ release, Old Names For New Shapes, due out in November.  The track was recorded with at the legendary Chem 19 studios with acclaimed producer, Jamie Savage.

Photo by Kris Boyle

From the moment it bounces in on a slinky lead-guitar line and skittering drum-beat, Slow TV feels like a departure for Wojtek The Bear. While previous material fell neatly into indie-rock territory, this is an altogether brighter and musically at least, upbeat, pop number. There’s a slight nod to the Postcard Records stable in the juxtaposition of jangling, almost disco-influenced guitars and the unmistakably Scotish melancholia underneath.

While certainly not the first song to be written about a former relationship, there’s something quite fresh in vocalist Tam Killean’s take on it, reflecting on the way someone that was once so close can suddenly be so entirely absent from your life. As Tam explains, “the track is a rumination on the total opposite ends of the spectrum you can end up at with people you’ve been in relationships with. There are people I’ve been with before who at the time are your entire world, yet now if they got wiped out by the 267 bus to Possilpark I’d probably only find out about it if it was in the Evening Times the next day”.

In many ways Slow TV is exactly the sort of next step you want from a band you love, it’s undeniably Wojtek The Bear, only not quite as you’ve ever known them before. Their music slides naturally into this new lane and speeds you away on quite possibly their most exciting journey to date.

Old Names For New Shapes is out in November via Scottish Fiction. Click HERE for more information on Wojtek The Bear.

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