[PREMIERE] Seán R McLaughlin and the Wind-Up Crows – A Wave Breaks on my Arm

The Wind-Up Crows is the new folkier-project from Seán McLaughlin, best known as a member of the currently hiatused indie-rock band, Dante. Having previously worked with the likes of Idlewild’s Rod Jones and Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan, Seán has already gained plenty of acclaim for his songwriting, and today we’re premiering the first track released under The Wind-Up Crows guise, A Wave Breaks On My Arm.

Photo and Header photo by Gordon MacKenzie  – https://www.mackenziefoto.com/

Described by Seán as, “an up-beat song about some worrying stuff”, A Wave Breaks on my Arm, is a track about the rapid pace of the modern world, where news comes crashing down on us at untenable pace, and seems to rarely offer anything resembling positivity.

The track was recorded at the remote, Black Bay Studios on the Isle Of Lewis, with, “everyone in the room playing together, like they did in the early days of studio recording”. The result is a track with a discernible tension and energy, Seán’s impassioned vocal accompanied by a rough diamond of a backing, with the prominent strum of mandolin, searing violins and the steady pulse of the bass drum. It’s a sound that nods to their fellow Scots, Broken Record, with a touch of the ambitious orchestral-indie of Fanfarlo.

A hugely impressive statement of intent from Seán R. McLaughlin and the Wind-Up Crows, A Wave Breaks on my Arm feels like the start of something special. With an album in the pipeline and, if you’re in Ayrshire, Aberdeen or Glasgow, live dates to look forward to, this band are only just starting to unwind.

A Wave Breaks on my Arm is out September 20th via Stitch Records. Click HERE for more information on Seán R. McLaughlin and the The Wind Up Crows.

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