[PREMIERE] Bleach Lab – Burnt Orange

Although originally making a pitch to be Buckinghamshire’s finest band, Bleach Lab are a dream-pop quartet who have recently re-located to South London. The band caught the ear of many at the end of 2019, with their well-received debut single Heartache of the Season. Bleach Lab formed originally when guitarist, Frank Wates and bassist Josh Longman met working on other musical projects and began collaborating together; having recruited vocalist, Jenna Kyle and drummer Shawn Courtney the band as it is today were born. Bleach Lab are currently working towards the release of their debut EP, and today we’re premiering their new single, Burnt Orange, one of the first tracks they ever wrote together.

(f)(e) Isy Townsend 13
Photo by Isy Townsend – https://www.isytownsend.uk

Burnt Orange arrives on a wave of easy guitars and warm synth beds, a comfortably dreamy setting from which it gently rises and falls without ever straying far from its lush beginnings. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, the band have quoted the likes of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, yet they don’t stick too faithfully to those roots. While Burnt Orange certainly nods to the shoegaze modus operandi, they’re not afraid to incorporate a modern production style and a distinctly pop quality to some of the melodies.

If some of the influences are considerably older than the band members, nostalgia too is a key lyrical inspiration, as Jenna explains, it was completely inspired by the nostalgic feeling I hold with that time of day when your room glows orange. It’s about progressing through life into adulthood but always holding onto nostalgic feelings of the past”. The whole thing is cast from the perspective of an adult talking to their younger self, advising them, “come home, follow me, every word I say you hear it so differently”.

Some bands emerge raw and unpolished, and then there’s bands like Bleach Lab, with a sound so crafted, an aesthetic so refined and a production so luxurious that they feel like they’ve been doing this for years. A fully formed band ready for whatever the world is ready to throw their way.

Burnt Orange is out Friday, and you can pre-save it HERE. Click HERE for more information on Bleach Lab.


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